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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find our FAQ page. Have a question that isn't answered here? Contact us, visit in person, or book a consultation!

General Questions

Why are your packages so expensive?

Our packages offer something that is hard to find - an extremely involved art installation made with real, fresh cut, locally grown flowers and without the use of any floral foam whatsoever. Countless hours will go into curating colours, cultivating flowers, and sustainably designing the set. That adds thousands of dollars to the sticker price before photography is even factored in. Our prices reflect this increased cost and ensure all our team members and hired support staff are fairly compensated.

To put things in perspective - this set has 4x the volume of flowers you'd see at an average wedding. If you were to purchase this photoshoot outright, just for yourself, you'd be looking at $15,000.

What does boudoir optional mean?

While these packages were initially envisioned with boudoir photography (a niche of photography that highlights and embraces the intimate and sensual beauty of one's body) in mind, ultimately these packages are about you setting your inner wild child free. Whatever route best achieves that - intimate and sensual or innocent and wholesome, sparsely clothed or fully covered - is up to you!

I'm interested but I'm not quite ready to take the leap, where can I get more information?

Totally understandable, it's a costly commitment. You can visit BUD + BLOOM in Kingsway Mall to speak to our designer in person. At BUD + BLOOM you'll also find our full, uncensored Wild Child portfolio album which contains many breathtaking photos not available in digital format for privacy reasons.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?

100%. In fact, we offer beautifully designed gift certificates so you have something physical to gift your loved one. When you fill out your booking form, just check 'this is a gift'. Certificates can be mailed or picked up at the BUD + BLOOM studio conveniently located in Kingsway Mall.

Can I bring more than one person to my shoot?

Unfortunately no. Our packages are designed for a single person. It's possible we will have shoots geared toward families, couples, and any other mix of multiples in the future, so follow us on instagram to keep up to date! @thewildchildexperience

Can I book this as a maternity shoot?


I booked my shoot, but I want more help preparing!

No problem at all. Need more help selecting your outfit? Don't know whether a boudoir or more wholesome style is for you? Just want more help making sure you're all ready for the big day? Book a style consultation!

I bought a Mini Package but now I want my hair + makeup done as well, can I upgrade to a Standard?

Possibly! It depends on if we have an appropriate time slot available. The same is true about upgrading to a Premium package. Contact us at to find out.

How and when will I receive my finished photos?

A few weeks after your photoshoot, you'll be invited to the BUD + BLOOM studio for a private viewing of your gallery. This is when you'll decide which photos you'd like fully edited, and which format you want to receive each photo in (i.e. digital format, high quality print, or compiled in a luxury photo album). Your finished digital photos will arrive soon after, followed closely by your chosen keepsakes once they're ready.


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