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Like most good things I do, the conception of The Wild Child Experience was an accident.


The original shoot was orchestrated by me (Aurora, a flower farmer) and intended only to be a wildly self-indulgent frolic in the flowers. Over the last three years, I had poured thousands of hours into starting my little local farm from scratch. It was time to stop and play in flowers. I wanted to get in touch with the little girl in me that loved to stomp around in creeks and say hello to butterflies. Most importantly, I wanted her to meet the woman I've since become.


It wasn't until shooting had already commenced that it dawned on me that I wasn't the only person who wanted and needed that. As adults we spend a lot of time doing what's right, what's necessary, or what we 'should' - and that leaves very little space to play. Our inner children so often go starved and ignored, but they shouldn't. We're all grown up now but they're still part of us, and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

So with the help of my friends Nora (a multi-disciplined floral designer) and Carl (a skilled boudoir photographer), as we were farting around taking photos in my living room, we collectively envisioned something on a whole different level. 

Still set in my delightfully vintage living room, but this time a full-blown wonderland of florals. Gold curtains flowing into fresh branches. Old leather chairs surrounded by cascading bouquets. Flowers elevated from nature to art. Specially selected blooms, planted, cultivated, and cut for this express purpose. Hours upon hours of planning, conceptualizing, and design. Ensuring everything is just right to capture the most authentic, beautiful shots.

Unfortunately when we ran the numbers on what it would cost to offer this, we rocked back in our boots. Putting together something like this for a single person would cost $15,000. That's the price of a small wedding. Thankfully, we're all insane visionaries with our eyes on the prize. We set about hatching a plan to make the wildly self-indulgent wildly accessible, and The Wild Child Experience was born.

The Wild Child Team

A local flower farmer, a multi-talented designer, and a highly experienced photographer.


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